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Maggies Light Blue (Guardian Home)

Puppy ID: Maggie's Brown Breed

A guardian home is a family who will adopt a “pick of the litter” puppy to raise as their own with all the love and socialization needed for the dog to thrive. Shady Oaks Puppies is looking for loving families who are interested in becoming pet owners for a Goldendoodle puppy to become a part of our program. In exchange, Shady Oaks Puppies will retain breeding rights for the length of the Guardian Home contract. Compensation for travel expenses will be made to the guardian home. Give us a call if you are interested in this exciting opportunity.

Guardian Home Requirements:


  • Own your home with a fenced backyard to contain the puppy with no plans to relocate in the next few years unless local, and be willing to adequately supervise puppy at all times while outside.
  • Afford to provide required high quality food
  • Heartworm/tick/flea prevention, as well as regular vet checks, including vaccines.
  • Be willing to crate and house train the puppy.
  • Socialize the puppy by taking it everywhere possible and showing him/her life in general.
  • Keep us updated on the dog’s progress
  • Have dog professionally groomed. Expense will be the responsibility of the Guardian. (Grooming can range from $55-$85 per grooming.)
  • Be available to drive dog to and from our home or arrange pick up for breeding and whelping.
  • Live within easy 100 mile driving distance to Vidor, Texas
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