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Shady Oaks Puppies, located in Vidor, Texas, is the best breeder of Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle Puppies in Southeast Texas. We offer mini, small, and medium Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale. We take pride in helping spread joy and happiness to families that love Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles as much as we do. We have multiple litters throughout the year and would love for you to have your perfect puppy!  Shady Oaks Puppies is known for breeding and raising the most beautiful and cute Goldendoodle puppies for sale across the Southeast Texas! Shady Oaks Goldendoodles not only breeds and sells goldendoodle puppies, we also breed Bernadoodles.. We are here for you as a resource for all things Doodle. Please take a peek at the wonderful puppies that are available. Call us at (409) 779-8168 to get a quote! 


What People Say

We are so grateful to Shady Oaks for giving us the love of our lives — our mini Goldendoodle, Fauci. He’s the best dog in the whole world and we love him to the moon and back.
Marina Masciale Nelson
Nov. 24, 2021
We got are Goldendoodle and Beurndoodle here. Wonderful healthy puppy that are a great addition to are family. We could not ask for better compensation.
Tara Anderson
Sept. 13, 2021
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